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About Us


¡Hello! I'm Lis

Founder of Kharas Beauty Studio

For a long time, I have searched for the perfect union between beauty and science. And finally, I discovered the incredible power of Platelet Rich Plasma to rejuvenate the body naturally.

I am a nurse and beautician, specialist in anti-aging treatments. I have taken training with renowned esthetician doctors from the USA, Brazil and Colombia. My technique of Biostimulation with Plasma Rich in Platelets is FDA approved.

My Plasma Treatment has been applied to an extensive list of clients of all skin types and conditions, with satisfactory results and testimonials, verifiable throughout my 10 years of experience as a licensed esthetician.

In my studio, we are passionate about providing you with the best treatments that stimulate your cells and make you look radiant. Come and discover how science can enhance your beauty. At Kharas Beauty Studio I await you with open arms.

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